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Magnet Mount System for Bodies with no Holes

Using N52 strength neodymium rare-earth magnets, this body mount system will allow you to mount your body up with magnets using body posts with a body retaining lip. (SCX10.2/Element Enduro style)

These are perfect for mounting up hard bodies or lexan bodies with no holes for chassis that use SCX10.2/Enduro style body posts.

Kit includes the following:

  • 4x "No Hole" magnet cup with magnets for body
  • 4x N52 neodymium magnets for body posts
  • 4x Adhesive felt to be used on body post magnets to soften magnet contact

*Adhesive is required in order to complete installation and not included.  Recommended adhesives are E6000, Shoe-Goo, or similar.

*Proceed with caution as the magnets are quite strong and may cause injury.  Purchaser assumes responsibility for install.